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F O O D   F O R   T H O U G H T

Cleanliness Means Business

Think a bad meal will keep customers from returning? Experts say you should be more concerned with your restaurants cleanliness if you want customers coming back through your doors.Check out these 10 details that could make all the difference in your restaurant traffic.


February Opportunities

Valentines Day is huge for restaurants around the world. Find out how to make the most of your sales in February by checking out some fun marketing ideas you can capitalize on. 


Who is Watching Your Employees?

Your customers are watching your employees, most likely, more than you are. One wrong word, touch or smell could send customers packing. Read somesimple, standard rules that your employees should obey while customers are in view.

S E C U R I T Y   S A V V Y

The Plan for Keeping Payments Secure

After the Target security breach, the U.S. Payments Security Task Force (PST) was put together to create a roadmap on how to keep payments in the U.S. secure. Here is an early look at some of their  findings and advice for the future of payment security and what it means for your business.

T E C H   T R E N D S

Games Increasing Customer Loyalty?

Want to make your customers true ambassadors of your restaurant? Experts say gamification has taken on a world of it’s own and is doing exactly that with customers around the country. Adding a game to your current app could improve customer loyalty. Check out how one national chain is seeing positive results from doing just that.