DCRS Fall 2015 Report

P O S   U S E R   A L E R T  :  W I N D O W S   10
Consequences of Upgrading to Windows 10
Beginning in early July, you may have begun seeing a notification on your screen offering to upgrade your Windows computers to the newest version of the Operating System, Windows 10. This is the result of an optional Windows update provided by Microsoft to entice you to upgrade your Operating System.
Compatibility testing on the use of Windows 10 on most POS System applications has not been performed.
If you, or another employee that has access to your Point-of-Sale System, chooses to apply this upgrade, there can be HARMFUL and possibly UNRECOVERABLE CONSEQUENCES to your business. 
If you see this notification, or are concerned that it might show up in the future, contact DCRS immediately.
We can remotely connect to your system and remove this potentially harmful Windows Update if it is installed, or configure your system not to install the update in the future if it has not yet been installed.
Alternatively, if you choose to do this yourself, this site and this site list the steps to disable and remove “Get Windows 10 Upgrade” reservation notification.
S E C U R I T Y   S A V V Y
Missouri Statute on Social Security #
Effective January 1, 2016, Missouri has mandated that employers can no longer use the last 4 digits of an Employee’s Social Security Number as an Employee Number, for any type of employment-related activity.
This of course would include using those 4 digits as an Employee Password on a POS System (which we have noticed several customers using). Click here to learn more.
EMV Update
We wanted to share some information recently released at the Visa Payment Technology Provider Forum held this summer to help put perspective on the upcoming October date for the EMV liability shift.
As of July 2015:
  • 117 million EMV cards have been issued (28% of total cards)
  • 78 million of which are credit and 39 million are debit
  • 250,000 merchants have been EMV enabled (this represents about 5% of   the US merchant base)
  • A few hundred terminals supporting EMV PIN debit have been enabled
Click here to read more interesting facts about the slow adoption of EMV among retail and restaurants.
T E C H   T R E N D S

Should you Install Surveillance Cameras?

Read why one expert says before you even go down the road of considering surveillance cameras at your restaurant bar – you have to know how you are going to use it.
New App Provides Feedback to Restaurants
Read about this new mobile App that let’s customers provide feedback, discreetly and privately direct to restaurants – and rewards them for doing so!

F O O D   F O R   T H O U G H T
Minimum Wage Driving Restaurant Owners to Seek Robots
The cost of minimum wage is rising and some restaurant owners are trying to recover financially by streamlining food production and delivery with machines versus people. Read why some experts say the human touch may become a thing of the past in the restaurant world.
Double Your Revenue During Football Season
Football season is here and this video gives you some marketing tools on how to pack every seat on Monday and Thursday nights – doubling, maybe even tripling your revenue.

September Marketing Ideas
As summer comes to an end, get ready to roll out some new marketing strategies with this helpful listof special days (Labor Day) and foods (National Cheeseburger Day) for September.


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