The Benefits Of Setting Realistic Restaurant Goals

restaurant goalsA successful restaurant is one that sets clear restaurant goals for itself both in the short- and long-term.

A clear, concise plan will help you take control of your business, maximize results and create accountability for you and your employees.

Market To The Right Customers

If your restaurant is to succeed, it is essential that your marketing be up to par. For example, the most basic restaurant marketing goal is to attract new customers while keeping your existing ones.

One method to help you achieve this objective could be to include a rewards and loyalty program that will help entice customers and keep them coming back for more.

You must also remember to take into consideration the age of your target consumer when setting your marketing goals – marketing for Millennials requires different techniques than marketing to Boomers.

Understanding who your customers are in the first place is necessary to set effective restaurant goals and help you determine the best way to advertise.

Keep Up With Your Financial Goals

To keep your restaurant afloat and in the black, you must always keep expense goals in mind: How much does each dish cost to make? What are the seasonal food cost differences? How much is labor? What are your administrative expenses? Are you prepared for unexpected maintenance?

Maintaining long- and short-term financial goals for your restaurant will go a long way in not only keeping your restaurant well-staffed and serviceable, but also help you understand when it is time to get rid of under-performing menu items.

This will allow you to focus on items that will sell the best with the highest ROI while saving you money on supplies that may not be needed.

Remember Excellent Service Goals

Set service goals for you and your staff. Everyone who works at your restaurant should be held to the same high standards in order for your restaurant to be known for its great front-of-the-house service.

For example, customers should be greeted and seated promptly and receive water and free bread or chips (if applicable) as soon as they are situated.

If there is a wait, make sure customers don’t feel forgotten by offering drinks and implementing technology to send text messages or other updates to them to keep them up to speed with the status of their table.

Take Steps To Prevent Theft

Preventing theft at your restaurant is a goal that should always be in force. That means budgeting for video surveillance and a modern POS system that allows you to monitor your transactions.

If you notice any irregularities, such as transactions during your restaurant’s off hours or some of the numbers not adding up, you can use your security and POS system to see who was staffed during those hours.

Plan For Holidays

You should also set restaurant goals for the various holidays throughout the year like New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, as well as smaller holidays like Mother’s Day. Ideally, your goals for these holidays should be set months in advance to help you prepare your restaurant and make necessary updates as the holidays approach.

Do you want to attract new customers? Do you have a specific theme you’d like to set up? If you’re expecting more customers, do you have the space and money for additional expenses like food specials and decorations?

Knowing these in advance will help you plan for holidays and prepare for the rush and any extra associated costs.

A Good POS System Can Help You Set, Track & Achieve Restaurant Goals

A cloud-based POS system can help your restaurant meet its short- and long-term goals by making your restaurant’s information easily accessible through your mobile or connected device, as well as any other restaurant location.

Since a cloud-based POS system is web-based and hosted on a secure remote server, your software will remain up to date and safe. And with no up-front costs, you will also be saving money — an essential step in achieving your restaurant’s financial goals.

Find Out How A Cloud-Based POS System Can Streamline Your Restaurant!

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