Are Pay-At-The-Table POS Systems Right For Your Restaurant?

At your restaurant, you are always looking for the best ways to improve your customers’ experience while making your restaurant as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Integrating mobile POS technology such as pay-at-the-table into your restaurant is an excellent strategy that provides both you and your guests numerous benefits.

Improved Customer Security

pay at the table

With pay-at-the-table, customers will feel more secure and confident using their card instead of a server taking it into the back to be entered into a terminal.

These devices are also designed to accept EMV chips, which are considered much more secure than the older magstripes.

Go Paperless

In a world increasingly conscious of how much waste is generated on a daily basis, a pay-at-the-table cloud POS systems like Toast or MobileBytes are an excellent solution to reducing restaurant waste.

This type of POS system allows customers to receive email receipts or no receipts at all depending on their preference.

Increased Table Turnover

With a pay-at-the-table POS system, customers don’t have to wait to get their card back. They can swipe or insert their card, and with the tap of a few buttons, easily complete their transaction. As such, table turnover is increased which will allow your restaurant to serve more customers throughout the day.

The downside? Customers may feel rushed to pay for their meal, so make sure your servers ask guests if they need anything else before handing them their check.

Better Tips For Servers

If your servers rely on tips, a pay-at-the-table POS system can increase tips for servers thanks to a tipping screen prompt that encourages customers to leave a certain tip percentage or a custom amount. Once a tip has been decided, the customer can then sign.

However, customers may feel pressured to leave a good tip. Training servers to step back from the table a bit can help prevent customers from feeling compelled to leave a tip larger than they would prefer.

Easier To Split Checks

For parties that are splitting the check, pay-at-the-table allows servers to easily split the check. With legacy POS systems, your servers still have to painstakingly create new, separate tickets, which takes up valuable time.

However, modern cloud POS systems like Toast and MobileBytes allow servers to customize each individual ticket for menu items to make it easy for guests to pay for their own order.

Pay-at-the-table is a technology that has already been adopted by numerous restaurants across the country, meaning guests are already familiar with how it works.

Adopting it for your own restaurant will improve your ROI and reduce wasted time going to and from dated traditional terminals, making both you and your servers happier.

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