Optimizing Your Kitchen With Technology Creates A More Efficient Restaurant

Technology is now such an integral part of our lives that to not have it in our place of work would significantly reduce efficiency and output, especially in a restaurant kitchen. In this environment, your kitchen’s efficiency can make or break your restaurant.

Integrating your kitchen with the latest technology like Toast or MobileBytes cloud-based POS systems will benefit your restaurant by tracking your inventory, reduce customer wait times, improve table turnover and more.

Reducing Waste While Improving Kitchen Efficiency

There is nothing worse for a restaurant than experiencing food waste and order confusion that reduces the number of tickets the kitchen can fulfill. As a result, customers wait longer for their orders and may be given the wrong order altogether, which in turn can lead to poor reviews and fewer guests.

A modern solution to these age-old restaurant struggles is to upgrade to a cloud-based system like Micros, Toast or MobileBytes and integrate KDS screens in your kitchen.

For example, the Toast kitchen display screen can help reduce waste and errors, making prep times more efficient for happier customers. This system is easily customizable so your kitchen can effortlessly distinguish between takeout orders and dine-in orders, see guest allergy information, and prioritize orders.

Combined with an at-the-table POS system, your restaurant can eliminate paper tickets, reducing paper waste and avoiding confusing or lost tickets. With a cloud POS kitchen display screen, there is improved kitchen-dining room communication because when an order is ready, all the cooks have to do is press a button that instantly alerts servers, improving table turnover.

Never Run Out Of Supplies With Inventory Management

Do you know how much your food costs are or if you’re overspending on inventory? Do you really need that unloved menu item?

A dedicated cloud POS system will help optimize your kitchen by consolidating your restaurant’s data to scrutinize how well a dish is doing and if you are working within your restaurant’s budget.

A reliable system will also keep track of inventory to improve inventory management by showing you what is available and what you need to order. When your inventory is properly managed, you will be able to stay within budget and never run out of supplies during your busiest hours.

Schedule Employees To Keep Up With Demand

Is your kitchen able to keep up with customer demand? If not, you most likely need to track not only your peak hours, but also if you have enough people in your kitchen scheduled during these times to keep up.

A modern POS system for your kitchen like Micros, Toast and MobileBytes gathers your restaurant’s data to show your busiest hours and allow you to schedule cooks and other staff to make your kitchen a well-oiled machine. That way, you have enough hands on deck to meet customer demand.

Send Alerts Directly To Guests

Your KDS also benefits guests in that if your restaurant does not have traditional servers, it can send guests a text when their order is ready.

When they get their notification from your kitchen, then all guests have to do is pick up their order and enjoy their meal!

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