5 Tips For Reaching Out To Your Customers With Social Media

restaurant social media

If your restaurant is not on social media, then you need to create accounts and start growing your following ASAP.

Billions of people use social media every day, making it a necessary platform on which to advertise your restaurant and reach out to your customers.

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Here are 5 tips for engaging with your customers via your restaurant’s social media accounts.

Post High-Quality Pictures Of Your Food

Let’s face it: We love looking at pictures of food. This obsession is why “food porn” is an extremely popular social media trend.

When you have a new dish or want to highlight a special, take a picture of it and put it on social media with a detailed description to attract the eyes of users.restaurant social media

If an image of a food looks enticing, people will be more open to trying it.

Create a unique hashtag for your restaurant that your guests can use and encourage them to tag their meals and experience on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Share Updates To Your Menu

Have a change or update to your menu? Then be sure to announce the change via your social media, especially if the item is for a limited time only.

Make sure that you have a Cloud POS system like Toast and MobileBytes to help market and manage your menu.

These POS systems specifically designed for restaurants make it simple to track menu item performance so you know what should stay and what should go.

Advertise Exclusive Offers

You can also generate increased interest in your restaurant by offering exclusive deals to your social media followers.

For example, new followers can get a free side with their order or you can create special promo codes that are only offered to social followers.

Target New Customers

You can also target new customers with social media by paying for an ad or boosting posts that will promote your restaurant in your local area, especially if you have opened in a new neighborhood.

Facebook promotions are a great way to reach your target demographic and are still pretty inexpensive when compared to traditional advertising.

Improve Customer Trust & Loyalty

By reaching out to your customers on social media, you can answer questions, show off your community contributions, and highlight customers.

You can also gain additional reviews and recommendations that can help sway customers looking for a new restaurant to try.

The possibilities of what social media can do for your restaurant are endless, but at the most basic level, you simply need to have a social presence and keep it updated in order to stay relevant.

And remember, it’s never too late to get in the game!

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