Can You Believe It? 5 Cloud POS Myths Dispelled

Cloud POS Myths

There are many misconceptions about Cloud POS systems that may prevent restaurant owners from making the switch. We are here to dispel some of these myths surrounding Cloud POS and why it is the best choice for your restaurant.

Find Out How A Cloud-Based POS System Can Streamline Your Restaurant

Here are the top 5 Cloud POS myths dispelled:

Myth 1: Cloud POS Is Expensive

myths posDid you know that Cloud POS systems can be up to half the cost of a traditional (legacy) POS? It’s true! Cloud POS is very affordable and can be customized to fit your needs and budget. This system is also more cost-effective than legacy systems because updates are instant and there are no upfront software costs.

Myth 2: It’s Hard to Migrate To Cloud POS

If you mean you have to transfer your current restaurant data to the Cloud and then learn how to use it, then yes, there will be a process—but the results will be well worth it.

In fact, when you make the switch to Cloud POS, some partners will migrate all of your information for you. You will even be trained on the use of the system.

Myth 3: Cloud POS Is Not As Secure As Physical Servers

When sensitive data like customer information is stored, your POS security must be up-to-date and robust.

With physical servers, there is a danger of data loss through accidents like fire, and are often unencrypted. Cloud storage, on the other hand, is constantly monitored for updates and suspicious activity, and data is immediately encrypted, reducing your restaurant’s liability.

Myth 4: If The Internet Is Down, The Whole System Is Down

It is true that Cloud POS requires the internet. When your Wi-Fi connection goes down, your first instinct may be to think that you have lost all of your data and will be unable to process orders.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When your POS system loses Wi-Fi connection, it will switch to Offline Mode. This mode allows you to keep taking orders and send information to any tablets and printers connected to your Cloud POS. Then, when the internet comes back on, that data is then synced to the cloud.

Myth 5: You Don’t Have Any Need To Upgrade

“We’re too small.” “We’ve done it this way for years.”

Excuses like these prevent many restaurants from upgrading their POS systems or evolving from other systems like Excel and QuickBooks. Even if you are a small mom and pop that has been around for generations, a food truck, or a small coffee shop, there are Cloud POS systems that will work for you, your needs, and your budget.

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