Thinking of Finding a New Restaurant Technology Partner? Think Local!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s kind of the same thing.”

We all know it’s important to support local businesses — whether it’s a neighborhood coffee shop, used bookshop or trendy boutique, choosing to support local businesses is an investment in your community that can have positive returns for everyone.

But what about when it comes to your own small business’ managed service providers? For restaurant owners on the hunt for new hospitality technology, surely it’s simpler and more cost-effective to choose a pre-assembled package from a national name brand, right? 

Not necessarily! There are lots of good reasons to “shop local” when it comes to choosing a restaurant technology partner. One big reason you definitely don’t want to overlook is ease of access to on-site service and support! 

After all, no tech is completely foolproof. At DCRS Solutions, we understand that in the restaurant business, downtime of any length can mean a loss of sales. By working with a local provider like us, you’ll find that it’s much easier and faster to get assistance than what you might experience with large national chains. Any discounts they might offer could easily be negated by the loss of sales and the risk of inconveniencing someone who might otherwise have become a valuable repeat customer.

DCRS Solutions offers 24/7 live, local support to keep your restaurant up and running. Because we’re located right here in St. Louis, it’s easy for us to make in-person visits, answer questions and help you feel comfortable with the hospitality technology you choose.

Time and time again, the St. Louis restaurants we’ve partnered with cite our quick response time and readiness to spring into action when experiencing technical difficulties as major factors in their decision to work with the team at DCRS Solutions. Here’s what a few of our current customers had to say:

“It seems when something goes wrong in the restaurant industry, it’s Friday night at 7 o’clock, your busiest time, so everything is time-sensitive. If you’re having a hard time running a credit card, or dealing with a tablet that’s not working, you really don’t have a lot of time, because that table wants to pay, you’ve got other tables waiting, and you really need to get things resolved very quickly to move onto the next guest and provide that good guest experience.” — Adam TIlford, Mission Taco Joint

“Well that’s the bottom line, it all boiled down to support. So I actually did own a restaurant in Shrewsbury for a while and we chose a different (POS) system strictly because of price. We were opening and had very little money, but needed a point of sale system. I would say within three days, I realized I made a big mistake. They outsourced their support, so I didn’t know who I was gonna talk to, where they were, what I needed. And here, not only do I have the cellphone number of my rep, Justin, and Matt’s cell number …  when you call (DCRS), someone picks up the phone right away. They have 24/7 support. Being able to dial into our system really makes things easy. I don’t think that they’ve ever let us down.” — Pat Carr, One 19 North

“In 16 years, I can’t think of one time where I’ve asked for something, or I’ve called about something — whether it was an emergency or non-emergency — and it wasn’t taken care of. Not much more you can say about that.” — Eric Vogel, Walnut Grill

Are you ready to work alongside a local hospitality technology partner? Let DCRS Solutions be your one-stop shop for hospitality technology solutions, training and support.

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